How much are your puppies?

    All of our puppies, regardless of gender or color are $2,900.

Is a deposit non-refundable and why?

    Yes, deposits are non-refundable.  If a deposit was refundable there would be no reason to take deposits, we would just put everyone on a list.   The problem with doing it that way is that we would have a lot of people who may someday want a pup, put themselves on the list to hold a spot.  This results in a very long list of people that leaves us not knowing who is serious about getting a pup and who is just holding a spot until the year they are ready for a pup.  When you inquire about a pup you want to know where you would be in the order of picking.  With a refundable deposit or no deposit at all we could have 100+ people on the list with only 8 - 10 serious buyers which would make it impossible for us to be able to predict when we may have a pup for you.  The purpose of a deposit is to guarantee that you are serious about getting a pup from us and are willing to put money down to guarantee your spot on the list.  

What happens if on picking day I don’t like my options?  Can I just pass on a pup at that point and wait for  a later litter?

        No, at that point we need you to be committed to the litter and take a pup home.  We believe that it is very important for all of the pups to go to their new homes and begin getting settled in at 7 - 8 weeks of age as they are ripe for training at that point.  If we take a deposit from you and then on pickup day you change your mind, that leaves us with a puppy with no home.  We will have most likely turned people away for weeks at that point thinking that all of the pups are sold.  Contrary to what some people think, we do not have a list of people waiting on pickup day in case someone backs out.  As you can imagine, most people need time to get ready to introduce a pup to the house so getting a call last minute that we have a pup available usually leads to everyone telling us they are not ready or someone taking a pup who isn’t quite ready.  Like the deposit, we want you to know for sure that the litter you decide to choose from is the exact litter you want a pup from.  We have done all we can before pickup day to ensure that our pups are healthy and have great temperaments.  In 18 years of breeding I believe there has only been one occasion where someone got here on pickup day and didn’t like their options, so it is extremely rare.  

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