Clint is a great addition to the family and has more toys than any puppy I know! He loves playing with the cats and other dogs and is great with kids, even babies.  His tail is always wagging.  We love having him in our family so much that we just had to have another one from the same mom and dad!  Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new puppies!

 Josh and Wendy

One year later…

Just thought I would send along pictures of Clint and Finlay.  They are like two peas in a pod.  Clint is the protector and Finlay seems to take on the princess role.  Clint has the body type of his mom (Pheonix) and Finlay definitely takes after her dad (Drake).  She is more stocky but she also eats more treats.  Both are super laid back and great dogs.  We always get comments on our dogs at how great looking they are and we pass along your name to anyone looking for labs.

Take care, Josh and Wendy

Annabelle was from the litter of Bailey and Drake.  We can’t imagine not having her in our lives.  She may be a handful at times but she is the sweetest dog.


I just wanted to send you an update about Tessa and Annabelle.  Tessa is from the litter of Tanner and Daisy.  You are correct in that she has a mellow attitude EXCEPT when it comes to playing with Annabelle and food!  I have attached some pictures of both dogs for you to view.  They seem to be inseparable now and we could not have imagined how close they would become in such a small period of time.  Tessa celebrated her six month birthday last week while Annabelle is cruising into adulthood very nicely at 2-1/2 years old.

Bob and I would like to thank both of you (and your children!) for both Annabelle and Tessa.  We are blessed to have them in our lives as we continually find joy because of them (mostly at the stupid things they get into).

With warmest regards, Bob and Jennifer

Just a litte note to say hi and we still absolutely love our Rubie.  She continues to grow intelligence wise and the personality continues to flourish.  We absolutely love her!


We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful lab.  She’s on the petite side, at 58 pounds, and has a perfectly proportioned body and a beautiful face.  Her name is Luna, and she has a great temperament.  She was so easy to train (practically house broke herself) and she loved obedience training.  She’s incredibly smart, eager to please, and loves to have a job to do.  She’s great with other dogs; in fact, we have yet to meet a dog she didn’t befriend.  Best of all, she adores children, and is always very calm and friendly when she plays with them.  We take her everywhere with us - Restaurants, Nordstrom, The Grove Shopping Center in LA, and we always get complimented on both her beauty and her temperament.  I constantly get asked if I’m a dog trainer, and if Luna is being trained to be a therapy dog - because she is so well behaved.  We’re proud of her, and obviously love her very much!  Thanks so much, she’s truly a wonderful dog.

Mikael and Sally

Rubie is an absolute joy.  She brings us so much joy and laughter.  She is so smart and knows how to get her point across verbally.  She is about 65 pounds now and beautiful.  Her temperament is wonderful.  She is a very good watch dog, alerts us when someone is arriving.  Her bark is so strong that if you did not know her you would be afraid, but she is all bark.  her favorite things to do are: tear up cardboard boxes at the office, play with her best friend Presely (a lab-short haired pointer mix) and swimming at the lake.  you can usually find Rubie at Lake Berryessa on the weekends swimming and running.  I have to say, she is the most wonderful dog on earth!  We absolutely love her.  We celebrated her first birthday by taking her shopping at the pet store and with a special doggie cake.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy, our daughter Rubie.

Art and Rhonda

This is Piper - she is a year old now and has stayed small (about 50 pounds).  Adorable and very smart.  I think she has spoiled us for other dogs.


LaFeet is a great dog and we are having a wonderful time with him.  He has a friendly personality and gets along with other dogs very well.  Although he socializes well, he prefers taking long hikes alone with my wife and I, and playing in the mud.  At one year he weighed 83 pounds.  He is in great shape.  Besides having a number of foxtails removed from his nose he has been very healthy.

Dan and Irene

The black lab male puppy my son purchased from you is awesome.  He is so gentle and loving.  His name is Drakes Black Beauty Bo.  My son is having a great time training Bo and is looking forward to dove season to test his skills.  We live next to a canal, so Bo gets plenty of exercise.  He took to the water like a typical lab.  I hope things are going well for you and your family.  I just wanted you to know that you produce great pups.

Thanks, Tom and Hunter

Our baby girl Chloe is great.  She loves playing on the beach by our house nearly everyday with her other dog friends from the neighborhood.  She especially loves to chase the seagulls and sandpipers off the beach.  We have enjoyed her so much!  She has been getting along great with our cat as well.  We are so glad to have her in our lives.


We couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  Guiness is extremely smart, athletic and spoiled.  She’s 75 pounds and in excellent health.  The longest it’s taken her to master a new trick is about 30 minutes.  She has a very sweet (and sometimes stubborn) personality, is very expressive (sighs or groans when we tell her “no” or something frustrates her), and she’s excellent with children, our cats and all her canine friends in the neighborhood.  We could go on forever about what a wonderful dog she is.  What we really want to say is thank you!!

Kristin and Victor

Attached is a picture of my son Noah and our pup, Milo.  He has definitely been a joy and a ton of work all at the same time.  Milo is a great dog and is very good looking, he gets tons of compliments.  We are amazed by how quickly he was house broken.  We love him and he has become part of our family.


Bodega is doing great.  Growing like a weed.  She comes to work with me to the winery.  I guess she has become one of our official greeters when people come to taste.  She has even begun to jump onto barrels in the winery to show off to guests.

Thanks so much, Matt

We’ve been meaning to tell you how much we’re loving the pups we got from you.  He was born December 30, 2007 from Drake and Phoenix.  We named him Jack.  Thanks so much for connecting us with such a great dog.


Achilles has developed quite well and turned into a great back-country snowboarding partner…a very loyal dog and definitely part of the family.


Ryu DJ (short for Drake Junior), has brought indescribable joy into our lives.  We have come to find out he is known as Dudley Labrador, and by the looks of his brown nose and bright, yet deep and expressive eyes, we are truly blessed that he chose us to be his parents!  He always gets complimented on his outings by strangers.  But even more important is his temperament and we must say he really is the perfect dog.  Super lovable, gentle and considerate.  We leave him at the house for short periods of time and have always come home to a clean house and non-chewed furniture.  He never barks, except when he hears a noise at the front door that is snaky, not just a knock or the door bell.  He was SO easy to train because he is very smart.  He loves his walks and free funs at the dog park, he loves to swim in the pool and he loves to sleep on his back with his arms and legs thrown everywhere.  even better he loves to snuggle up in bed or on the couch with his mamma and papa and give lots of kisses!  We could write forever about how awesome he is, but all we can say is that we don’t know how our lives would be without him.

Edgar and Theresa

We couldn’t be happier with Charlie—he’s turning out to be a fine dog, companion and an eager retriever.

Charlie lives on a 25 acre home sight in the Saratoga hills with 2 acres of it fenced for his ultimate use and freedom to run; he gets to live inside the house during evenings and he is considered one of our family members—not forgetting, of course, that he’s a dog.

I’ve been taking him to work most days and will for several more weeks until he’s totally acclimated to his new home and family and he’s secure and comfortable with his surroundings.  We promise you that he will have a very loving, enjoyable and useful life with us.

Best of all, he has a very strong desire to please us and to retrieve.  What a joy he is and we cannot thank you enough for him.

Your breeding program is simply the most professional around and we so thank you again for bringing such a joy to our home.  We’ll be sure to send you follow up pictures as Charlie matures and grows.  If there is ever anything that we can do for you, please let us know.

Warmest Regards, Clarence and Joyce

We are so glad to have found you guys and our Pismo!  Your website is actually what “sold” us on you guys.  A friend of ours has a lab and when they go out of town she takes her to Camp Bow Wow in Livermore…well they sent her a newsletter recommending you guys on it, and so she showed it to us.  We just loved all the photos, loved that your contract was there for us to see, and loved that your website was frequently updated.  You could really tell that you guys care about and love the dogs, not just breeding them to make money.  They are part of your family, are socialized with your children, and that is what made us choose you guys.

We are so thankful that you guys kept updating photos of the pups growing.  It made it really exciting of us to countdown until we took our puppy home.  The picking process was great, it was nice that we each had 30 minutes to ourselves to have time with the puppies so we can find the best match with our family.

Thanks again for breeding such a great family dog.  We already can’t imagine our lives without Pismo.  He is such a sweet puppy and gets lots and lots of love from us!  If you ever need a referral, feel free to contact us anytime!

Gil and Danae

This is Doolin.  The little guy.  He is amazing!  He goes everywhere with me and is the best guy.  Everyone asks me where I got him because he is so mellow and well behaved!  Thank you so much for such a great pup!!

Best, Wendy

Tucker has an absolutely wonderful personality and seems to be very smart.  He has learned how to sit, lay down and we are working on stay, which is a hard one but he is getting it.  He has a very laid back personality and definitely is slightly goofy as puppies should be.  He is just adorable and we are having so much fun with him.

Overall we are extremely happy with the whole process of choosing a puppy from you.  We really appreciate how helpful you both were and how you answered all of our questions.  The way the puppies were raised at your home was exactly what we were looking for.  We thought the whole experience was great, professional and we definitely have told many of our friends about Rooster Valley.  Tucker gets complimented on his looks ALL the time.

Thank you…Jennifer and Alan 

Wanted to give you an update on our girl, Maggie and we also refer to her as little moo.  We LOVE her!  She is just like a kid to us and she gets easier and easier day by day.  I start each day with a long walk with Maggie and she’s really good on the leash.  We started that really early and its paid off.  Then in the afternoon, we go to the dog park where she is able to run free and hang with all of her many friends.  All I have to say is “do you want to see friends”, and she goes over to the door and sits, ready to jump in the car!  She is VERY social and we also have other labs over to play with her in our backyard.  Maggie is great at catching the frisbee and prefers it over the ball.  She still sleeps in the crate at night and seems to really like it in there.  Everyone thinks she is a great little dog and we are so glad to have her as part of our family!!!

Thanks again for the GREAT dog, she is a blessing to our family!!!

Dee Dee 

Cody is simply and amazing dog.  He is doing great.  He’s about 70 pounds, and a fun, loving, happy, playful, smart, obedient dog.  And did I say beautiful?  We couldn’t love him more.

So thank you again.  We could not be happier!

All the best, Howard and Duane

Here is a shot of Tommy at almost 9 months.  What a profile!  He’s a blast with my son and quite a handful still.  We had him in one class so far and he’s very smart (too smart).  He was fixed about a month ago and that seems to have mellowed him a little.  He has been a great addition to the family and I can see him and James being best pals for a long time.  Thanks again for a wonderful addition to the family!

The Eckers

Sadie is doing well.  She is such an amazing dog, both beautiful and intelligent.  She always listens.  She has learned how to sit, jump, fetch and stay.  Thank you so much for our lab.  We just love her!

Chris and Jessica

Rex is from Sage and Tanner

Michael and Gina Livingston

Khloe is turning out to be a great dog.  As you can see, she definitely has the hunting line in her.  She loves to go out to the duck club and she is retrieving very well at a young age.  She’s very spoiled and sleeps in our room.

Thank you, Don and Karen

Please find a current photo of Dutch.  He is 2-1/2 years old now…and such a great dog!  Dutch is so sweet, loving, and is such a wonderful addition to our home.  He has helped me tremendously with the recent loss of my Mother who I cared for over many years.  Dutch was there to help me overcome my grief.  I feel blessed every day to have him in my life.

Alicia and Greg

Gosh!  We are all SO excited the Dutch will be one year old tomorrow.  He is the Joy and Love of our lives…we love hime to death!

Dutch has gone to puppy training and will be attending another training in the Spring/Summer.  He is about 89 pounds and is full of love!  He enjoys going to the dog park, running with me after work, and does great staying within the boundaries of our family’s 800 acre ranch!  He has a great temperament adjust loves to play (and eat of course).  We are training him to be off-leash in the house and being “gentle” around Grandma at home.  He is doing great!

Greg and Alicia

We are just so in love with our little girl Piper! She has the most mellow and loving temperament.  People are stunned she is a lab!  Thank you for bringing this wonderful little girl into our lives, we could not be happier!

Spencer and Ashley

Luna is such a good pup and loves her older brother Sage.  Her sweet personality brings smiles to many every day.  She loves her hikes and adores the water finding out by surprise that she knows how to swim.  I would love to commend you for raising such good dogs.

Thank you, Ursula and Paul Turner

Can’t believe Cody is a year old!  He is doing super well!!  He is about 75 pounds.  He loves to fetch balls and plays frisbee…we take him on trail hikes and swam a few times out in the bay during warmer days! Cody is super affectionate, and has received many many compliments on his “looks” and temperament.  A year ago, we kept debating whether to get a husky or a lab. I must say, while I don’t know what owning a husky is like, we have NO regrets in getting a lab, and getting it from you!

Thank you for being such a good, responsible lab breeder.  Cody is such a “joie de vivre”!  He seems to have a personality that is larger than life.  His antics are hilarious and have made us laugh to no end.  He is an amazing dog!


Here are a few clips of “Tanner” (yeah, we thought it was a good name…)  He’s been a great photo subject, and fantastic dog.  The family loves him.  The cats are jealous, the chickens stay in their pen and Judi and I get to run with him everyday with the neighborhood dogs.  Thanks again for a wonderful puppy.  Oh, and he loves the beach!

Cheers! Matt, Judi, Nate and Skyler

Hi there.  Buck is doing great.  He is getting bigger every day.  He is very smart and calm pup.  I have also recommended Rooster Valley Labs to a couple of my friends.


We can’t believe our little baby is already one year old!  This past year with him has been great!  He is so loyal and friendly.  He is also very energetic, and always wants to play!  We rarely see him without a smile across his face.  We couldn’t have asked for a more loving dog!!

Thank you!

Carlos, Renee, Brandon, Alexa, Austin and Buddy Sanchez 

Luna weighed in at 53 pounds on her six month birthday.  She is a joy to have; loves her hikes and chasing squirrels up a tree.  We are planning on a big camping season this summer and she is practicing carrying her new back pack with food and water for her and big brother Sage.  Luna wanted to know how her brothers and sisters are doing—are they having as much fun as she is?

Sincerely, Ursula and Paul Turner

Our lab, named Wrigley, is doing great.  A seven months she weighs 58 pounds and is a ball of fun at the beach and super well behaved at home.  She loves to swim and loves to fetch just like you’d expect from a lab.  Also, she is kid crazy :)

Mark and Katy

Mike and I want to say a HUGE thank you for such a wonderful dog!  Ace is finally starting to settle into a good routine after a few days of adjusting.  We are having a blast watching him adjust to his new home and let his personality shine!  He’s already getting bigger :)  We look forward to keeping you posted on Ace as he grows up!  Thanks again for such a wonderful dog and a wonderful experience.  

Carolyn and Mike

We are the family that purchased the last puppy available from her litter.  Her name is Kona, and she has definitely been a welcome addition.  She is the smartest dog we have ever owned.  She was house trained within two weeks.  She knows sit, stay, come, lay down and kisses.  She seems to love all of us and just wants to be included in whatever is going on.  She is completely obsessed with any ball.  She plays basketball with our daughter and carries a tennis ball around from room to room.  

Thanks so much!  Kim

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that our lab (Pluto) is doing well.  He has brought us a lot of joy.  He has a great temperament and we have had a lot of fun with him.  He is growing up real fast and everyone says he is going to be a big dog.

Lakshman and Malika

She sleeps in bed with me.  What a blessing she has been to us.  Puppies can not replace the death of Grandpa, but she certainly tries to ease the pain with her kisses and tail wags.  Millee loves to play with the toy you sent her home with.  We love her and she goes everywhere with us… Lowes… Work… School.  Top notch dog!


One year later… 

They are a joy except when they chew up the yard!  Bailee is Millee’s shadow.  yesterday, Bailee fell in the pool and went for a swim.  Bailee is a cuddle bug!!  They both pile on me when I lay out on the the lounge.  Great pups!!


Our pup, Maddie is doing great!  She is definitely a ball of energy but we love her to death.  We always get compliments from people we randomly meet at the dog parks or along our walks and always tell them about you guys!

A story I would love to share with you is that my boyfriend proposed to me over the Christmas holidays and used Maddie to bring me the box with the ring in it…She performed her role perfectly!! She ran up to me with the box in her mouth, tail wagging and all. =)

Thanks again for bringing her into our lives :)

Lilian and Jerry

Our yellow lab Gracie was born on 9/10/10, and we absolutely adore her.  

She has so much love and energy to give.  Her absolute favorite things are frisbee, swimming in the pool, and of course meal time!  Just two days ago, she passed her advanced training for her CGC test.  We honestly cannot imagine our lives without her.

Sincerely, Giana

We bought a Labrador Retriever, Boots, for my dad and he loves her!  She is a real character and loves the water.  Smart, smart girl.  A great dog for my 85 year old dad.  She’s full of energy.  My dad went hunting in Colorado for a couple weeks and she stayed at Top Notch and he shows off her report card from the kennel.  Straight A’s.

Thanks, Sharon

Thank you for an excellent dog.  It was really worth the drive.  The boys love him.  My girlfriend has a pool and the dog, which the boys named “Buster”, jumped in three times.  He is certainly a water dog.  Buster is a really good looking dog with a good nature and will be loved to no end here.  If I can ever do anything for you please let me know.

Thanks, Jim, Jack and Christopher

Zoe is doing great…and the girls have been singing her Happy Birthday ALLLLLL day long!  Currently they are trying to fit her with a birthday hat…it is not going well. :)  Later, they want to make her a puppy cake (not sure about that one either!)

Here are a few pictures of her.  She is a big girl, and VERY strong!

Hope all is well with your family! Have a wonderful holiday!

Sherilyn and the girls

This is Tucker (boy #5) and the fatty from the litter.  Can’t believe the puppies are already a year.  It’s been a lot of fun with Tucker around and he loves chasing our kitty.  He also loves playing tug-o-war, fetch and going on walks.  He’s such a sweetheart and a goofy little boy.  Such an amazing dog, we are definitely glad to have him as our first dog.  Tucker is a healthy 75 pounds. :)


Remington or Remi as we call her has turned into a fine hunter.  Remi loves hunting and hot tubbing, yes she is in the hot tub more than the rest of the family, I believe she is half fish!


Here is our girl, Merryweather’s Briar Rose (the alias of Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora - we have little girls :)

My husband says she’s just like every other woman in his house - stubborn and opinionated… I call it “fiesty”.  Our house-dog, Briar loves the water, eating anything she finds outside, laying on her back and sleeping in my/her office.  She was the smallest girl and the perfect size for us;  she is about 50 pounds right now.  It’s been hard to get a good picture of her with those beautiful glowing eyes.  We’re not hunters, but she has an amazing nose and I’d love to see what she could do!

She has been a wonderful addition to our family (us, triplets and puppy = 6)


Guinness is a little peanut - only about 45 pounds.  She’s playful, mischievous and cuddly.  She’s never met a dog she doesn’t like and she loves to run, hike, play in the water and chase birds.

Courtney and Jay

Things are going exceptionally well with “Molly”.  She is so sweet.  Our experience with Rooster Valley Labradors was wonderful!  Thank you so much.


Henry is awesome!  He is such a great puppy.  Has slept straight through the night (in his crate) from day one.  Listens well and is super happy go lucky.

We were originally worried how our eleven year old Lab girl would do with a new puppy… It took them about a week to figure it out but they are now thick as thieves.  He’s been a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks for the intel on NuVet, too.

Cheers, Jennifer

Caddie, our liver nose, is doing great.  I wish I had her life.  She’s become a great golf course dog and another sibling for our kids to play with around the house.  It’s not the most recent photo, but you can see she is pretty darn cute.


All is going well here with our four month old Roscoe.  Puppy training is good.  But still lots to learn!  He just lost his first tooth the other day.  Here is Roscoe at four months.  He wanted to read the sports page.

Todd and Lisa

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we love our new puppy, Nala.  She is adjusting quite well and she seems to be the Queen of the house!  We can tell she is very smart and very adorable.